Aquarius, Gemini, Libra Traits, Explained

The discoveries you can make about yourself thanks to your astrological sign are seemingly endless—it’s like a grab bag of personality traits based on the cosmos (fun!).

So, even if you can already namedrop your Sun sign, rising sign, and your moon sign at a moment’s notice, there’s a chance you might not be all that familiar with the elements that actually rule your birth chart—earth, fire, water, and air. Every zodiac sign, including yours, is under the influence of one of these four external forces. And, like all the elements in your birth chart, they can explain why you are the way you are and do the things you do.

The coolest part: Each ruling element controls three signs. So while every sign is unique, those that are impacted by the same element share notable values and attributes. Take the air signs, for example: They’re often considered the most cerebral of the zodiac.

“[Air signs are] all about intellectual and mental energy, and everything that has to do with communication…,” says Narayana Montúfar, senior astrologer at “These are the signs that spend a lot of time up in their heads, thinking, and analyzing every side of a situation.” Because they’re fans of mental stimulation, it’s not so surprising that air signs get bored easily when events or people aren’t doing it for them.

Sound familiar? Your zodiac sign might just be one of the three that fall under the air category. Ahead, astrologers explain exactly what it means to be ruled by air and how each sign channels that intellectual influence for their benefit.

Which signs are considered air signs, exactly?

The three air signs are Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra. They’re usually your teachers, writers, and editors, or they work in communication, commerce, or tech.

“A birth chart with prominent air placements typically belongs to someone who approaches things from a logical standpoint as opposed to the emotional,” says astrologer Valerie Mesa. It’s not so much that these signs are above it all; Montúfar stresses air signs actually love being surrounded by a variety of people and are the most social of the four elements. It’s just that while they’re busy being the life of the party, they’re also completely unbothered by what anyone else thinks of them.

On the flip side, air signs can also be pretty indecisive and fickle. Because they’re up in their heads (that’s the air doing its thing), it’s hard for them to ground themselves, says Mesa.

Now, when it comes to what the other elements think of air signs, it’s kind of a mixed bag. An emotional water sign might find the air signs to be a bit cold, while earth signs will be too stale and stable for air signs. But fire signs—ah, fire signs—they’re all about the air signs. The feeling’s mutual because “air feeds fire,” Montúfar says.

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