Mark-Paul Gosselaar And Tiffani Thiessen SBTB Interview

BuzzFeed: Did you keep anything from the summer episodes? Like the bathing suits or surfboards? Or anything from the series in general?

MG: I wish I was more sentimental, because the only reason why I’m watching the episodes now is because of my podcast. Like, there were these Screech/Dustin Diamond masks that everybody wore and I wish I’d kept one of them — or like a Bayside T-shirt. There were so many props and I don’t really have anything from the show.

TT: I have a pair of Levi’s, which is nice because the ’90s are back now [laughs]. I actually had the entire cast and crew sign those jeans…I also still have the letterman jacket that we got.

NOW — Do you have any favorite episodes or scenes from the reboot? Whether it was one that you were in or one that you watched?

MG: Honestly, the episode that I directed. [Writer’s note: The episode in question is Episode 8 of the upcoming season.] There were a few scenes Tiffani and Elizabeth [Berkley Lauren, who reprised her role as Jessie Spano] have in the office and they’re amazing. I was a bit nervous that I put those two in a room with that much dialogue and not much else, but you two nailed it. It was so fun to watch.

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