Actors Who Were Called Too Hot/Not Hot Enough For Role

You really can’t win in Hollywood.


Emmy Rossum almost didn’t get to star as Fiona in Shameless because producers felt she wasn’t capable of not being pretty.

Cliff Lipson / Showtime / courtesy Everett Collection

“They didn’t want to see me; they wouldn’t even [let me] audition,” she said. “They thought my image was too glamorous, that I couldn’t not be pretty.” 


Conversely, Andrew Garfield lost out on the role of Prince Caspian in the Chronicles of Narnia series because he “wasn’t handsome enough.”

Walt Disney Co. / courtesy Everett Collection, Phillip Faraone / FilmMagic via Getty Images

He had made it down to the final two, but they went with Ben Barnes instead.


Jennifer Lawrence was originally turned down for her role in Winter’s Bone because she was “too pretty” — she had to prove to them she was “not cute.”

Sebastian Mlynarski/Roadside Attractions / courtesy Everett Collection

Lawrence took a red-eye (they had just moved casting to New York) and then auditioned again. She said of getting the role, “That always helps. Red-eye. Not showering. No makeup. Eventually they went, ‘Oh, she’s right. She’s not cute!'”


According to Kate Beckinsale, director Michael Bay didn’t think she was attractive enough for her role in Pearl Harbor because she “wasn’t blonde and [her] boobs weren’t bigger than [her] head.”

Touchstone Pictures / courtesy Everett Collection

“I didn’t make sense to him as an attractive woman,” Beckinsale told Yahoo Entertainment. “So there was a lot of panic and concern over, ‘How on earth are we gonna make her attractive?'” Beckinsale was put on an intense workout regimen and diet.


Director Joe Wright originally didn’t want Keira Knightley to star in his film Pride and Prejudice because of her good looks.

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“Then he met me and said, ‘Oh no, you’re fine!'” Knightley joked.


After being recast following the pilot for Stumptown, actor Mark Webber went on a social media rant about how he was allegedly fired for not being attractive enough.

ABC, Gilbert Carrasquillo / Getty Images

Webber wrote, “Look, I’m a straight white male so I know my journey has been way less painful in this warped industry, but I’m being recast in a network television…

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